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Originally Posted by Miso Vegan
OK, I'm traveling again, this time to Pennsylvania over Memorial Day weekend.
Pittsburg area, specifically around a smaller town called Beaver. The wedding I'm begrudgingly attending is in Portersville.

Anyone have insider's info?
I grew up so close to Portersville! My mom still lives in the house - it's about 5 minutes from Portersville!

I don't know how much help I'll be though...I didn't go vegetarian/vegan until after I moved away from home, and I'm not too familiar with Beaver anyway.

Sheetz, which is a local gas station/convenience store chain, has MTO sandwiches - you can get veggie subs or wraps without cheese that are vegan. It's not going to be the tastiest thing you could eat, but it's still food!

Other than that, I really don't know what to tell you. Sorry I'm not more help! I really don't think there's much to choose from - nothing that I know of, anyway.

If you end up in Pittsburgh at all, go to Hunan Kitchen on Forbes Ave. in Squirrel Hill. It used to be an all-veg, mostly vegan restaurant, but they ended up adding a meat menu. However, they still have the most amazing fake meat chinese food - and it's all vegan, except for a couple items with cheese. My omni fiance & I make all our friends try it - they all think they're going to hate it, then end up loving it. Ahh, the marvels of soy & gluten!

Sorry again for not being more help...I hope you can find something!
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