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VRF Member traveling to ....

I started this thread because I'll be going on a work-related trip and would like input for restaurants/things to do. I figured a thread would be better than the shoutbox!, so anytime a VRFer is traveling, they can post here.

So, where am I going? I leave in 2 days for Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding area. My hotel will be a resort/spa/thingy in Carefree, AZ. I will have a rental car, and some of my work will be at the 2 Whole Foods (Phoenix and Tempe) and also at another health food store (Sage & Cedar in Carefree), and I really only have a few meals where I'll be "free" - tho I'll need to figure out breakfast, too.

Any suggestions, oh worldly VRFers?
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