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  1. Write Today So Birds Can Know A World Without Cages
  2. Write letters to TLC's New Rodeo Show
  3. F*ckin Google
  4. Federal Forest Lands up for Sale......
  5. Boycott Blue Diamond almonds
  6. Tasers tested on Pigs
  7. Calls Needed for Dogs to Press Cruelty Charges
  8. Canada's animal cruelty laws (Petition)
  9. Victims of Vivisection (Petition)
  10. Please help Mercedes (Petition)
  11. Free Samba (Petition)
  12. Josh Harper Fund Raiser
  13. EU proposes ALL raw materials to be tested on animals!
  14. Mercy Petition
  15. Erik Marcus and The Omnivore's Dilemma
  16. Help boycott the Great Markham rodeo
  17. Win a date with a hottie
  18. Urge U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Save the Sheldon Range Wild Horses!
  19. Save The Special Australian Lungfish
  20. Join me in Becoming an Ocean Defender.
  21. US House Bill H.R. 503 - stop Horse Slaughter - vote 09-07-06
  22. Sign the petition: no hunting at the Olympics
  23. Dog dragged behind pickup... please ask sheriff to prosecute
  24. Amazon sells animal-fighting material
  25. So. Cal dogs need help
  26. POM Horrible
  27. Military dog abuse
  28. PETA calls for Petsmart boycott
  29. WI (Germantown) PETA & KFC event this Sunday
  30. Circus coming to East Lansing, Michigan
  31. Teen video of a dog killing a cat...
  32. Quick Activism: Tell Morningstar Farms to go Egg-Free.
  33. ShopNBC breaks promise to stop selling fur
  34. Green Bay, WI Circus Protest
  35. EU Petition to end animal testing
  36. Chicken abuse at KSU
  37. Help protect polar bears (it's easy, I promise!)
  38. Urge University to send long-suffering monkey to a sanctuary
  39. Natural foods label on meat?
  40. Save Wild Parrot territory in SF
  41. Lights Off
  42. Petition (UK)
  43. Ithaca NY dog cruelty case
  44. Sony publicity stunt
  45. Donkey and a wolf?
  46. Tell Arby's To Drop Cruel Poultry Supplier!
  48. craigslist farm and garden, a lot of animals for sale
  49. Boys Set Gasoline-Soaked Dog On Fire
  50. South African revenge puppy killer
  51. AR men needed for study
  52. on-line petitions
  53. Police Officer Accused of Killing K-9 Partner
  54. TX: teens tortured puppy SIGN THE PETITION
  55. Our chance to speak out against bow hunting!
  56. Mars animal testing....
  57. Kid Nation - chickens
  58. College student animal cruelty
  59. dairy calves...
  60. CA Lab shutting down - beagles to be euthanized if not rescued
  61. Ask Congress to Permanently Protect Chimpanzees Retired From Experimentation
  62. Speak Out Against the Marketing of Animal Cruelty on Primetime TV
  63. multiple petitions/action items
  64. Vet noted hanging pigs is not cruelty
  65. Tell Land's End to stop selling fur
  66. PAWS in Iowa asks for help.
  67. Save Animals at Medical College of Wisconsin‏
  68. Petition to close HLS
  69. ibuystrays.com
  70. Biscuit the pitbull
  71. animals matter to me
  72. Reward Still Posted In Dog-Skinning Case
  73. Tell SF Art Institute to Stop Promoting Animal Snuff Video
  74. Trial of man who drilled holes in dog's head
  75. Free Baby Mendes campaign
  76. World Week for Animals in Labs
  77. animals in labs - failure of US govt
  78. Before Congress: video monitoring at slaughterhouses. Urgent!
  79. No Felony Charge for Chloe’s Killer
  80. Urge NIH to End Cruel Animal Experiments
  81. More egg industry cruelty
  82. Al Roker NBC Today show: Veal
  83. Dog stabbed 55 times.
  84. High School Curriculum to Include Chicken Slaughter?
  85. Iowa pigs need help...
  86. Soy Milk at Tim Hortons - Sign my petition
  87. Help people "see" the 1680 animals killed every second for "food"
  88. Center For Inquiry Looks at Meat Eating
  89. Fur Is Evil: A compassionate challenge to Google
  90. Defend the AETA 4
  91. anyone in NC want to help some birds?
  92. Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale
  93. For those in the UK: feedback for Tesco!
  95. End the Use of Live Pigs in Baystate Medical Center’s Trauma Training Program
  96. Phase-out military use of non-human animals
  97. Meatout 2010
  98. 2010 College Veg Pledge
  99. Help Stop a Rodeo!